Why vintage is no good for business security?

Software updates are a critical part of staying safe online

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 12.05.2015
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Even though we read about new, emerging threats every day, the “old and traditional” vulnerabilities still cause a lot of the security breaches. The reason is simple – outdated software.

Easy money has always been interesting, and therefore, cybercriminals use known vulnerabilities to attack businesses. Once an attack has penetrated the network, it can cause serious damage, and even endanger business continuity.

There is a simple way to stop these attacks – just make patch management a habit and keep your software updated. With this action alone, you can stop about four fifths of all attacks!

So why are all companies not doing this?

Mostly because the reality of software updates, even in a small company, can be quite messy. What updates are there? Where to find them? Which software is installed on which computer? And so on. Actually, the smaller the company, the more typical it is to leave it to employees to take care of software updates rather than handling it centrally.* CS Magazine: Only 6 in 10 firms say their software is always up-to-date

Out-of-date software is not good for security
Outdated software causes lots of problems


Why not make it simple for you and your company?

Software Updater is a patch management tool that allows you to keep your operating system and third party software updated – automatically. It comes as an integrated part of our security software. This way endpoint protection is no longer the hassle it can be without a tool to manage the software run in the company network.

*Based on an F-Secure study in 2013

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