Why do you need modern security features?

In the digital age, every business is a target. Regardless of size or country of origin or industry…

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 08.12.2016
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Most attacks are based on known vulnerabilities. There are new malware variants developed every day, based on vulnerabilities that have even been known for years. Why? Because it’s easy, cheap, and efficient! Out there in the Dark Web, would-be criminals can buy malware for very little money, so they don’t even have to have the knowledge or resources to produce malware by themselves. A lot of companies still lack a central patch management tool, and might therefore be quite easy targets for the opportunist attacker.

In addition to known vulnerabilities, commoditized cyber-attacks rely on zero-day malware to launch their attack on you. If you are not using behavior-based endpoint protection, your prevention might not catch these new bugs. With the average total cost of a cyber security breach reaching up to 4 million (source: Ponemon Institute: 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis), it is critical to pay attention to endpoint protection.

So today, ransomware and other online threats can only be thwarted with layered protection that covers the threats at different phases of the chain of compromise. Additionally, modern endpoint protection solutions contain features that will keep you covered against both known vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks – but only if you enable the features!

Jarno Niemelä from F-Secure Labs gives an example of the nature of modern features:

Botnet Blocker, which is available in our Business Suite Premium, can kill most modern attacks, whether ransomware or advanced persistent threats.

Every protection feature is there for a reason. Read more about key features in our business security software and the protection they provide you at this link .

Infographic by @micke_fi

modern security






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