Why All Companies Need Incident Detection and Response

Incident detection and response should be a pivotal part of every company’s cyber security strategy. Martijn Nijkamp from Tosch Security gives three reasons businesses can no longer ignore this area.

Author: Taija
Date: 15.06.2018
Read Time: 2 Minutes

GDPR and big breaches in headlines have brought incident detection and response to everyone’s lips. It’s become abundantly clear that a reactive approach is not enough. If your cyber security strategy isn’t evolving, you’ll become an easy target.


At our partner event in May, F-Secure’s CEO Samu Konttinen announced the new F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response solution: “F-Secure’s advanced threat protection, with its detections and recommended actions, makes it easy for our customers and partners to understand the scope of a targeted attack.” Offered as a service by our partners, breach detection and response are now available for companies of all sizes.


F-Secure, Samu Konttinen, SPECIES18
CEO Samu Konttinen launched F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response at SPECIES18 in London.


Tosch Security B.V. is one of the companies who participated in designing the product and is now offering it to their customers. At the event, IT security Specialist Martijn Nijkamp from Tosch Security gave an excellent presentation and reminded us why all companies need incident detection and response on top of their traditional endpoint protection (EPP) solutions.


Martijn Nijkamp, Tosch Security, F-Secure, SPECIES18
Martijn Nijkamp from Tosch Security talking about incident detection at SPECIES18.


We picked the three most important messages from Martijn’s presentation:


1. You Need to Detect Advanced Attacks


You need to know what is going on in your network and machines so that you can respond to threats quickly and control the damage. EPP solutions prevent the attacks we already know about. But attacks are getting more and more advanced, and we need to be able to detect the unknown threats too.


2. Monitor All Computers at All Times


It’s not enough to control your office network. These days, people are working from practically everywhere: home, car or even the local McDonald’s. You need to have your eyes on the devices, wherever your employees are.


Traditional security monitoring services can be extremely expensive. But with F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response, you can do incident detection anytime and anywhere. You can even automate the responses, for example, automatically disconnect a harmful device from your network. This capability comes in handy at night or on weekends, when your team is off work.


3. Comply with Regulations


Legislation is another factor that increases the need for reliable and effective incident detection capabilities. According to the GDPR, companies need to have mechanisms in place to be able to detect a breach and then be able to inform authorities and other stakeholders within 72 hours of detecting the breach.


Martijn’s presentation included relevant pointers all companies should be aware of. Does your security strategy cover detection and response?


Tosch Security is automation company from the Netherlands specialized in securing data, networks and systems.

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