Webcast: Targeted Attacks Illustrated

How do modern targeted attacks work, and how to detect and respond to them? Infosec Swiss Army Knife Tomi Tuominen explains!

Author: Emma
Date: 26.01.2018
Read Time: 2 Minutes

There’s a multitude of ways in which attackers can get into company networks, and when they’re in, surprisingly many manage to go unnoticed for long periods of time. Why? In the beginning of a targeted attack the advantage is in the attacker’s corner, as defenders have limited ways of knowing whether they’re being targeted or not and in which ways before the attackers actually start testing their intrusion strategies. However, there’s a certain point in any attack where the defender can gain the upper hand. With the right people, technologies and processes in place, there’s a fair chance for the defender to win the battle.


The key to fighting against modern cyber attacks is visibility. Would you be able to tell which user in your network was using a certain IP address at a specific time of the day? Are you capable of identifying who from your organization received this exact email? Long story short, if you don’t know what’s happening in your network, you’re bound to be the underdog. Once you have the visibility, you’re set to react to anything in your infrastructure. And to respond to incidents rapidly and with the right chain of actions, you’ll need a solid combination of technology and human expertise.



In this webcast, Infosec Swiss Army Knife Tomi “T” Tuominen walks us through the mechanics of targeted cyber attacks of today and uses examples to illustrate how you can keep your business going despite cyber attackers’ best efforts to break through your defenses. Tomi has seen countless of attacks happen in real life and helped a myriad of large organizations bounce back after serious security incidents. If there’s one person you should listen to when it comes to modern attacks, it’s definitely T.


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