This is how we fight the bad guys

Modern endpoint protection is about blocking attack vectors from multiple angles

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 19.07.2016
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Take it any which way, there is no avoiding the fact that cyber threats are increasing both in volume and in sophistication. Therefore, it is only natural that there is no one single way to protect against the flourishing threat industry.

This is how we protect you

We fight cyber threats from five angles:

  1. Endpoint protection technologies
  2. Threat intelligence
  3. Backend automation
  4. Human experts
  5. Cloud technologies

On the endpoint level, it is again a questions of layers – minimizing the attack surface is the best way to gain good protection. You can learn more about how to minimize the attack surface from our “Defending workstations” webinar and materials.

The cloud on the other hand allows us to “crowdsource” threat information and use what some have encountered to protect everyone.

At the end of the day, however, any system is just as clever as the person developing or managing it. This is why human experts are a key element in how we fight against cyber threats.

Infographic by Micke Albrecht

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