The Weakest Link Just Got Stronger

You'll notice a cleaner, more efficient user experience and new features in the new Protection Service for Business.

Author: Melissa Michael
Date: 30.03.2016
Read Time: 3 Minutes



What’s the easiest way for a cybercriminal to penetrate your business network?

That would be through the endpoint.

The fact that your endpoints are operated by humans, who are prone to mistakes, makes the endpoints the weakest link in the security of your business. That’s why it’s imperative that your business has best-in-class endpoint security.

F-Secure is announcing a major new release of our flagship endpoint protection product, Protection Service for Business, to protect all your endpoints, from computers to mobiles and servers. So even if an employee visits a malicious phishing link or opens a malware-infected attachment, we’ve got your back.

So, what changes have we made?

Redesigned management portal

We’ve completely overhauled the management portal for a clean, modern look and intuitive user experience. Administrators will find it much easier to use. We spent a lot of time focusing on service design to make the product more useful, efficient and effective. For example, we created task-oriented flows and streamlined them to reduce the number of clicks by around 20%. This greatly reduces the resolution time of various tasks, from deployment to daily administration.

If you’re familiar with the old portal, you’ll be really excited about this upgrade. It includes improvements for both our reseller partners and for end customers alike.




New OS support

Our new Windows client supports Windows 10 and Device Guard. The new Mac client supports El Capitan.

New features

We’re introducing some cool new Windows features for enhanced security and control:

  • Content Type Filtering blocks active content on suspicious websites. Active content such as Flash continues to be targeted by cybercriminals who create exploits to infiltrate the company network.
  • Connection Control elevates the security level while using business-critical sites like intranets and cloud services to protect business information. This prevents banking Trojans and other malware from spying on business-critical web sessions, stealing confidential information and sending it to criminSoals.
  • Web Content Control allows employers to restrict unproductive and inappropriate Internet usage by employees.

Not new, but just as important…

In our holistic security wheel of Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond, Protection Service for Business steps in for the “Prevent” and “Detect” phases. It uses an arsenal of technologies to do so, because, as Samu Konttinen, our VP of Corporate Security says, there’s no silver bullet.

Our approach with Protection Service for Business is based on the fact that there is no one silver bullet to keep a business safe. There is not just one technology that will do the job every time. Cyber threats use various attack methods and vectors, and businesses need a host of technologies that work together, backing each other up to protect the enterprise. With Protection Service for Business, all the components are together in one package.

Those components are technologies like F-Secure’s Security Cloud, which offers real-time threat intelligence via reputation and prevalence checks for fast, accurate detections. DeepGuard, our heuristic and behavioral analysis engine, blocks even previously unknown threats. Patch management is another crucial facet of a layered and proactive approach, and F-Secure’s Software Updater is included with Protection Service for Business.

Strengthen your endpoints. Check out the new Protection Service for Business, and find out how to buy.

And let us know what you think!



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