The realist’s guide to practical endpoint protection

Download our hands-on guide to fighting emerging cyber security threats like ransomware

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 22.12.2016
Read Time: 1 Minutes


Ransomware demands are mostly just a few hundred dollars, but some small businesses have paid up to $80,000 dollars to regain access to data and systems. Whatever the size of your business, paying the ransom will hurt, but losing days of productivity will hurt even more.

As your company adds new users, devices, apps, and back-end infrastructure it becomes harder and harder to see all your endpoints and understand your attack surface. There’s a real risk that your attackers will know your infrastructure better than you do.

Traditional perimeter defenses won’t protect your business when users are taking the perimeter with them, beyond the corporate network. The endpoint is your weakest link—because people make mistakes.

With everything becoming more complex— and constantly changing—it’s vital to get the cyber security basics right.

For too many organizations, those basics mean relying on tired old anti-virus and then investing in advanced detection and response systems to catch what gets through the net. But by the time a ransomware attack’s been detected, it’s already too late.

So, to keep your business protected, you need a multi-layered security solution that brings together genuinely advanced tech, the latest threat intelligence and the human expertise needed to make sense of it all.

In this workbook, we’ll help you assess your current approach to endpoint protection so you can prioritize what you need to do next to safeguard your business.

Download the interactive endpoint protection workbook.


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