Securing your business

It is not just about endpoints – sever security still counts as well.

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 19.03.2015
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Server Security, boring as it may sound, is regardless one of the cornerstones of business security. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2014 shows that where data breaches are concerned, servers continue to be on top both numberwise and percentwise.

Infographic: Number of breachesRecent incidents such as the Shellshock attack further prove that servers are still an interesting target for cyber criminals. The implications of shellshock could be even bigger than those of the infamous Heartbleed.
The importance of patch management has been documented in several studies. Over 80% of all malware could have been stopped with just keeping the operating system and third party software up to date. This applies to server software as well. So maybe it would make sense to use an automated patch management tool, such as Software Updater, to keep all devices up to date.

And if your physical endpoints and servers are at risk, so are the virtual machines as well.

A UK study shows that 85% of enterprises risk the protection level in virtual environments by trusting the same AV solutions as they do in their physical environments. A Gartner study shows that 60% of virtual environments are more open to security risks.

However, regardless of the security issues, virtualization is here to stay. The demand for 24/7 support for example is one more solid reason for moving to virtualization and to the cloud. And of course, since we all increasingly use cloud-based services in our private lives, this puts pressure on the businesses to allow the same flexibility.

If you do not wish to compromise the protection level you are used to, it pays off to think about protection. In addition to the traditional threats, there are threats specific to the virtual set ups that are targeting cloud and virtual environments.

A virtual security solution can, however, be as secure as the traditional solutions when the security agent is a part of the solution. When optimized in the right way, the performance level does not suffer but your environment will still retain the best possible protection level.

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