[Podcast] Security, Privacy and the IoT

Veteran hacker Steve Lord joins us this episode to talk about smart cars, TVs, and what should be done to make the IoT safer for everyone.

Author: Melissa Michael
Date: 09.03.2018
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Steve Lord on the biggest misconception about IoT


The Internet of Things promises cost savings and efficiencies, but it still has a long way to go before we can safely enjoy these benefits. Case in point: last year we outlined a series of security flaws we found in IP cameras that make it trivial for an attacker to take over the devices. And aside from security problems, IoT devices also typically have a host of privacy problems.

In our latest podcast episode, veteran hacker Steve Lord of security assessment firm Mandalorian talks with us about the security and privacy issues of the devices that make up the IoT today. We get his take on everything from who controls the data, those insufferable EULAS, to regulation and how the coming GDPR can help. Plus, why he considers some IoT vendors unicorns and why others are just replicants.

Check out the full episode.


Cyber Security Sauna podcast

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