[Infographic] More Mac malware than ever before

Mac malware is on the rise, shows the analysis of Mac attacks by F-Secure Labs. More Mac malware was detected in Q2 2017 than in all of 2016.

Author: Taija
Date: 27.09.2017
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Malware isn’t a problem on Macs, is it? You might think so. But that’s not a very safe assumption. Macs have been on malware writers’ radar for a long time. And the trend seems to be increasing.

Research from Malwarebytes shows that attacks against macOS are growing. More Mac malware was detected in Q2 2017 than in all of 2016. And more new Mac malware families have been discovered in 2017 than any other year.   

F-Secure Labs compiled an analysis of Mac attacks in 2017. Most of the new Mac malware is spyware category, and over one-third of this new malware was discovered in targeted attacks against companies and governments. We even saw the first ransomware-as-a-service for Macs.

The conclusion is clear – if businesses want to be confident in their ability to battle cyber threats, they need to take Mac security seriously. Now.

Mac attack landscape 2017

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