Improved security is a business opportunity

Endpoint protection is not just about security – it can be a means to more productivity

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 16.06.2015
Read Time: 4 Minutes

Anyone in business knows that disruptions are costly. When those disruptions are caused by security breaches that infect the business IT infrastructure, it is not just an annoyance. If an infection manages to get through to the company network, the costs are huge. And this is not just the cost of cleaning up; there are both external and internal related costs.

Costs of malware infection
Internal and external cost share of malware infections

In addition to monetary losses, the loss of reputation, and legal consequences, private data leakage can be very risky for business continuity as well.

However, there are some easy ways to avoid unnecessary risks and human errors that could end up in a cyber-attack on your company.

Jarno Niemelä from F-Secure Labs comments: When analyzed at a technical level, the cyber-attacks which have made headlines lately are technically rather simple. They can be rather easily blocked, provided that one focuses on denying the attacker the resources that he needs for an attack, instead of running after that latest malware or permutation of already known exploits.

  1. Keep all your software up to date and patched. According to an HP study, 85% of targeted cyber attacks could be avoided just by timely patch management.
  2. Avoid using default configurations. You can learn more about special ways to strengthen your protection from the webinar recording from our cybersecurity webinar series “Defending workstations”.
  3. Control web access and content. Most normal attacks come through the web in some way. With access and content control you can manage what end-users are allowed to do on the web and stop the attacker from getting access to your network – thus making your business IT environment more secure.
  4. Secure business critical transactions with an extra layer of protection. Make sure that sensitive business data does not accidentally leak out through a web connection. Human errors can be minimized with technology.

Even though these are very basic steps, they all mean a more secure environment.

Jarno continues: After all, the attacker needs two things to be able to run an exploit. First, contact to a victim, and second, a vulnerability in software that he can exploit. Without a vulnerability, there is no exploit.

In addition to enhancing your security, you can reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting web content. Productivity is a separate viewpoint to the issue as employees tend to spend time on non-work-related tasks during the workday.

To be able to do all the previous steps in an effective way, we are now introducing new, improved products in the Business Suite family.

The new versions of F-Secure Business Suite products (Client Security and Policy Manager), released on 15 June, support Web Content Control and provide Advanced Protection for Web Traffic Scanning, both ensuring more secure web usage – either by controlling which sites the users are allowed to access, or by blocking certain, typically vulnerable software from unknown sites. Connection Control, now also available in the new version of Business Suite products, automatically closes down insecure sites and stops the user from opening new ones while using online banking sites or other business critical solutions, for example. These all bolster your security by preventing the malware from entering your network in the first place.

F-Secure’s endpoint security products come with integrated Software Updater to help you manage all the updates out there, for both Windows and for third-party software.

In addition to taking care of your security with appropriate tools that help you keep up a safe business environment, there is another important step to take to improve business security:

  • Educate your employees. Malware can easily breach all your barriers if the employees do not adhere to basic security practices, or do not know what to do. For example, clicking on suspicious links through phishing emails can jeopardize your environment even if web-based vulnerabilities are patched. Training also needs to be continuous, as the ways to lure employees to risky behavior keep on developing, and employees might not stick to the guidance. Of course, proper endpoint protection will help here, but it is certainly better to avoid such situations.

Get serious about business protection – try out our Business Suite products for free.

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