New and Improved Mobile security for businesses

Mobility and mobile work require new security solutions

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 12.05.2015
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Mobility is here to stay. And with the new mobile way of life, and the increasing number of devices, unfortunately so is mobile malware. In 2014, the amount of mobile malware increased by a devastating 75%. And Android is still the primary target for cybercrime attacks on mobile platforms. 15 million mobile devices are infected with malware, and most of them are running Android.

Mobile ransomware is one of the key reasons for the increasing number of attacks on mobile platforms. This set-up, where your device is locked until you pay a ransom, is highly profitable for cyber criminals.

This alone is reason enough to use proper mobile security software. Of course, with your data being much more valuable than the device itself, anti-theft, browsing protection, and other basic mobile security features are a must if you want to keep your business secure.

We have just launched version 9.3 of Mobile Security for businesses. It comes with a fully redesigned application user interface, an interactive home screen that indicates the features and their status, and a Safe Browser that now scans downloaded files automatically.

The prediction is that the next thing you will need to pay for is your online privacy. Already now, well-informed companies would be ready to pay to keep their employees’ private information truly private. That’s why we are working hard to bring you our next-generation privacy solution – Freedome for Business, which will complement our Protection Service for Business offering.

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