How to work safely in the mobile cloud age?

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Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 19.03.2015
Read Time: 1 Minutes

The digital evolution, or revolution, as we might call it, changes the ways people work. It is not just the office we go to anymore. Work can be conducted anywhere, and at any time.

This places totally new requirements for mobile security. Safe VPN connections are the basis of secure work as open WiFi is a serious security issue.

Another foundation for mobile security is a company policy on BYOD, and a possibility to control and manage the devices used for work. According to Gartner’s Top 10 Tech Trends 2014, the diversification of mobile devices is one of today’s biggest trends. Employees will use their own devices even for work, and a modern company will wish to encourage this as it will also drive for efficiencies – as much as 30 minutes of saved working time per employee.

Infographic: Mobile work in the cloud age

So – mobile work calls for more focus on mobile and WiFi security. It is no longer enough to secure your company pc:s. You need a product that can secure your connections and communication as well.

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