How to detect a cyber security breach?

Webinar recording and presentation materials

Author: Liang Fang
Date: 27.09.2016
Read Time: 1 Minutes

A strong defensive perimeter is critical in preventing your organization from common threats. But what happens when something slips through the perimeter defenses? Especially the advanced threat actors will eventually circumvent even the best defenses. When a breach occurs, a quick detection will make all the difference for the whole remediation process.

In this webinar, Marko Finnig, Director of Advanced Threat Protection at F-Secure’s Cyber Security Service Business Unit, will take you through the second critical aspect of the holistic cyber security approach: Detect. How advanced threat actors work and how to detect them. He’ll also provide insights on solution approaches for detection. As well as the do’s and don’ts.


Check out the webinar recording to learn more!


If you wish to have the presentation slides in PDF, check it out here:

detection webinar


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