F-Secure Customer Day: Getting closer to the customers’ needs

Understanding the customer needs is the basis for good service and customer retention

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 12.06.2015
Read Time: 1 Minutes

F-Secure’s first ever global Customer Day took place on June 11th. The day was all about what it is to be a customer of F-Secure and how that is relevant to every fellow and their job.

During the day we had the possibility to learn who our customers are really, and what it is that moves them.

Customer panel at Customer Day 2015

Donal Crotty, Director of Customer Advocacy puts it: “The day is about what the customer means for each of us in our jobs. It is an opportunity to improve our understanding and engagement with the customer in order to improve the overall customer experience.”

Our “formal” engagement with the customers comes with regular customer satisfaction surveys. We use the NPS score to measure the satisfaction. But, as we all know, nothing beats real contact with real customers and hearing feedback directly from them. And in our Customer Day, we had the pleasure of listening to real customers in a customer panel. Certainly really educational… Taught us once again the importance of customer care and support.

We had both private customers and corporate customers in our panel, and it was really interesting to hear the different views. Looking forward to the next one!

Team Sweden at Customer Day 2015


Team Germany at Customer Day 2015

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