F-Secure Acquires nSense Cybersecurity Firm

F-Secure Acquires nSense, Nordic’s leading cybersecurity provider.

Author: F-Secure Business Security Insider
Date: 03.06.2015
Read Time: 2 Minutes

F-Secure has announced its acquisition of nSense – an enterprise-facing Danish cybersecurity firm widely regarded as an industry leader in the Northern Europe. The acquisition highlights F-Secure’s commitment to bringing its own expertise and award-winning solutions to the large enterprise segment.

The threats facing large companies are becoming more severe, and more prominent. Media reports on large-scale data breaches, such as the one experienced by Sony in December 2014, highlights the damage these threats can do to an organization’s reputation. But these attacks are more commonplace than such stories let on, and recent studies show just how much damage they can do.

According to data released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), nine out of ten large organizations in the UK experienced a data breach or similar security incident in 2014. PwC’s research also suggests that these incidents are more costly to large organizations than SMB’s, with the average incident carrying a price tag of 5.9 million (USD).

According to F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson, F-Secure’s acquisition of nSense strengthens the company’s position and capabilities to help enterprises protect themselves against cyberattacks. “nSense’s cybersecurity products and services help us expand into new industry segments and strengthen our capabilities to address the attack detection and prevention needs of enterprises. Adding their expertise to our own will allow us to develop new cybersecurity products, and we look forward to providing these to our customers to address their current and future security needs.”

Cybersecurity threats will continue to evolve, and so must the security solutions available to enterprises. F-Secure is now positioned to better serve these large enterprises with comprehensive protection solutions, which will continue to power its growth as a European cybersecurity leader.

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