Endpoint protection is much more than anti-malware

Bringing in the best technologies and tools to keep your business safe against all threats

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 31.08.2016
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Lately, there has been quite a bit of discussion of traditional versus next-generation endpoint protection. The truth is, however, that there is no “traditional” anti-virus or anti-malware as such – at least not when it comes to the companies that perform above the industry average in third-party tests such as AV-Test.

For years, we have already been utilizing multiple approaches to protect our customers. Detections and detection logic, or signatures as some prefer to call them, are only just a fraction of the whole picture. Scanning engines, behavioral engines, and network reputation all work together to build a line of defense against all online threats.

Modern endpoint protection - much more than AV

And why would you care?

Because still today, endpoint protection is the corner stone of cyber security. Endpoint is the new perimeter, and humans often the weakest link. Because of the human factor, companies no longer own their perimeter as a whole, and that’s why endpoint protection can make or break your business protection.

The various technologies used together provide top-notch, yet cost-efficient protection for your company assets used via the endpoint. If we know that something is certainly malicious, it is much more efficient to stop it at the gateway rather than let it be handled by e.g. detection technologies inside the company network.

On a practical level, our business security solutions are built of several layers that enhance each other and provide a protection level of nearly a 100%. This is proven for example by the fact that at least since the beginning of 2014, we have achieved full 6 out of 6 points for protection by AV Test in their business security products tests. No company would be able to achieve this today using just “traditional” anti-malware technologies.

For example network reputation is utilized in our products to control web usage or block selected, typically harmful content. This way the end-user will not come to contact with most threats at all, which of course diminishes the chances of one of the biggest risks – human error. Automated and integrated tools, such as Software Updater help keep the environment more secure.

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