Ebook: Data security demystified

The second in a series of ebooks on cyber security for business

Author: F-Secure Business Security Insider
Date: 31.03.2016
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Every year, we create far more data than the year previous. But as the quantity and value of information grows, the pace of data breaches, already up 57 percent over five years, is bound to accelerate.

That’s certainly not good for business. Data plays a more intrinsic role in our work than ever before. Its theft, corruption or deletion can threaten the very existence of your organization. The question is, how do you adequately protect your data?

To help you better protect your information, we have published the second in a series of short, business-focused eBooks, Cyber Security Demystified: Securing Data.

Cyber criminals - who's out to get you?

If information is what you produce, trade, or forms part of your competitive advantage, it is extremely interesting to cyber attackers. This eBook shows you how to keep your data safe and attackers out.

In the first half of this eBook we explain the essential framework for data security, explore the underground economy for stolen data, identify who’s most likely to try and steal your data, and detail five real life data disasters.

The second half of the eBook explains the steps that you need to take to better protect your data. From prediction to prevention, detection to response, we list the basic security measures that you should already have in place, plus more advanced techniques that you can use to ramp up business security—such as effective data hashing, the role of encryption, and the right way to back up and restore.

Get actionable advice on securing your data in this 20-page eBook.

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Cyber security demystified - securing data

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