Easy money: Why cybercriminals target businesses

The simple reason behind attacks on businesses.

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 19.03.2015
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Businesses deal with money – usually a lot of money, whether as payments to partners and subcontractors, wages to employees, taxes and official fees to authorities, etc.

For cybercriminals, all this money going around is a target worth aiming for. And in addition to the money in circulation, there are ways to turn business IT resources into hard cash.

Cyber criminals use aggressive and inventive ways to approach both individuals and companies. In the US, even the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have taken action to warn people against such attacks, the amount of which tend to increase dramatically during holiday seasons.

cyber_criminalsIt is not just the amount of money that interests the criminals. It’s also how easy it can be to access that money. Studies show that most attacks are opportunity based. This means your business is not specifically singled out for an attack, but hit simply because you’re an easy target. One very easy way to attack a company is through the vulnerabilities in outdated software.

It’s not rocket science – most attacks could have been avoided. Just by keeping software up to date and using an effective anti-virus solution, you will greatly reduce your chances of being a victim.
The fact that a third of employees use their work computers for social media or private online shopping makes this a big issue for companies. Any harmful files that are downloaded on one device quickly spread to the whole company network unless there are efficient security procedures in place to protect the network’s computers and mobile devices.

So, to avoid compromising your company network, make sure all PCs and mobile devices that are used within the company have effective and up-to date anti-virus software, as well as other necessary security. With the proper security measures in place, you and your employees can relax and take it easy during the holiday season.

The value of security is something significantly more than the cost of the anti-virus solution in use.

Anatomy of a Cybercrime – real cases from 2014

3 real-life examples of cyber-crime-incidents from 2014.

anatomy-of-cybercrime-1  antomy-of-cybercrime-3

Download the full cyber crime incident case study by filling the form:

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