The importance of Customer Loyalty

Reasons why our partners and customers love us!

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 11.05.2015
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Loyal customers and partners are something that all companies aim to have. Comments like “Your solution works very well; I cannot find anything why I would not recommend it to others as well” are what we all want to hear.

Our global survey among our partners and customers, conducted twice a year, yielded this and many more positive comments. We use a Net Promoter score (NPS) to evaluate both satisfaction and loyalty towards us. NPS is a measurement of customer loyalty based on how likely a customer will recommend a company’s product or services.

Among our business customers, every second person is willing to promote F-Secure, which is an excellent result. As one customer put it: “ F-Secure has taken very well care of its own business area; staying continuously up-to-date about emerging threats and keeping customers safe is the key to success”

End users promote F-Secure
 Something to improve as well

We want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to write open comments, advice and recommendations on how we can further improve our products. We value your commitment to us, and we hope to serve you even better in the future. We are currently going through all the feedback and identifying areas that still need improvement. Your feedback is vital for us and it builds the foundation for our mutual success.

Partners at the core of our delivery to customers

We serve our end-customers mainly through partners. The excellent results show that together with our partners, we have been able to provide outstanding security and privacy solutions for many companies.

And of course, satisfied customers are what our partners are looking for as well. While an NPS score of 50 or more is usually considered an excellent rating, we received an overall NPS score of 61% from our partners! This is well above the industry standards, so THANK YOU!

Our partners appreciate the good protection level, as well as the ease of doing business: “The product is easy to use and install and it runs constantly in the background so you do not have to do so much by yourself.”

The continuous awards we receive from 3rd parties for the protection level of our business security products is further proof that year after year, we continue to offer our customers the best security on the market.

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