Confidence Through Security

How can companies feel confident in their cyber security within the current threat landscape? It all starts with the basics: good endpoint protection.

Author: Joel
Date: 03.10.2017
Read Time: 3 Minutes


Imagine some stressful corporate jobs. CEO, PR executive, head accountant – these are some quick examples that might pop into your mind. Being a cyber security company, we think there’s another worthy addition to the list: IT director.

Almost everyone is aware of the changing threat landscape out there. When previously the biggest risks facing businesses were strictly material or ideological in nature, nowadays we’re in the middle of a whole different ballgame. New cyber threats keep appearing left and right, while their severity is increasing almost exponentially. Ransomware epidemics, breaches against major corporations, denial of service attacks – the list is long, and just keeps growing.

Still, most people don’t see cyber threats as being their problem.

“The IT department will handle it”.

Let’s think about this. The IT department’s official job is to manage and maintain your company’s information infrastructure – they make sure data flows properly within the organization, the network runs smoothly and people have access to the technical support they need. It’s a pretty intensive job, especially considering modern businesses’ extensive information technology requirements.

On top of this, IT professionals need to protect their colleagues both from themselves, and everything bad and infectious out there. Malware, ransomware, phishing, outdated software, employees using weak passwords and browsing unsafe sites – let’s even throw in a few targeted cyber attacks. It’s a lot to juggle.

Most IT departments are getting crushed under the weight of their responsibilities. Despite their knowledge and skills, they’re not confident in their capabilities to handle the sheer volume of different cyber threats out there.

IT directors are held directly responsible for their companies’ cyber security, but often don’t have the resources to conduct it effectively. This results in a lot of wasted man-hours and increasing amounts of stress, which can radiate throughout the whole organization. People are less willing and capable of taking risks and innovating, while IT specialists’ time is spent on mundane threat monitoring and prevention activities – hardly an ideal situation.

What should you do?

It’s easy to point out the errors in many companies’ cyber security operations – it’s more difficult, however, to propose actionable solutions. How do you make your organization’s cyber security bulletproof with limited resources and a tight schedule?

It’s simple. You start by building a solid foundation.

Good endpoint protection is still the cornerstone of reliable cyber security. Period. Although more advanced security solutions are often extremely helpful – or even essential – in keeping your organization safe, everything starts with ensuring that all of your endpoints are nigh impenetrable. Total device coverage, and overall reliability proven through independent third-party tests, are some of the most important factors when it comes to finding a great endpoint protection product.

Endpoint protection’s long existence within the sphere of cyber security doesn’t mean that it can’t be exciting, either – the best modern EPP solutions are infused with all of the latest technology the industry has to offer. Machine learning algorithms, advanced artificial intelligence, real-time threat analysis: these are the building blocks of products that are current with the times.

Or something even more. Our approach to cyber security involves always offering our customers the best possible protection, no matter what. That’s why we work tirelessly to not only keep up with the pack, but lead it: we want to ensure that the organizations and individuals using our solutions are always one step ahead of the attackers.

To this end, our flagship endpoint solution Protection Service for Business has been fitted with state-of-the-art technology, and all of the combined expertise of our seasoned cyber security consultants and analysts. With additional features such as password management and advanced ransomware protection, Protection Service for Business will keep your organization safe, so you can focus on growing your business.

See how endpoint protection changed the life of IT director Wilson Hobbs:



Great endpoint protection will not only give you confidence in your security – it’ll give you the confidence to succeed.

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