Christmas Calendar, Day 6: Congratulations to the 100-year-old Finland

Our countdown to Christmas continues! Did you know that F-Secure and Santa Claus come from Finland? On 6 December, we want to congratulate Finland for 100 years of Independence.

Author: Taija
Date: 06.12.2017
Read Time: 1 Minutes

cyber security christmas countdown, finland 100 years of independence


It is a great thing to be a cyber security company from Finland. Here’s why:

1. Finland is the safest country in the world
2. Helsinki is the most honest city in the world
3. Finland is one of the least corrupted countries
4. Finland has the best primary education in the world and the quality of higher education is the third highest in the world
5. Among European cities, Helsinki is the fourth best in supporting digital enterprises and entrepreneurs


Finland is also a leading country in many other areas:

1. Finns drink the most coffee in the world
2. Finland has the most metal bands per capita
3. Finland has over 3 million saunas – the most per capita
4. The one and only Santa Claus comes from Korvatunturi, Finland

Happy Independence Day, Finland! Onnea, Suomi!


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