Christmas Calendar, Day 4: IoT and closed operating systems important future trends

The holiday season is approaching us and it will soon be time to wrap up 2017 and prepare ourselves for the new year. Join the Business Security Insider countdown to Christmas with some of the masterminds at F-Secure. On the fourth day, let me present to you, Christine Bejerasco.

Author: Taija
Date: 04.12.2017
Read Time: 1 Minutes



Who are you and what do you do at F-Secure?

I’m Christine and currently, I am leading the SAFE PC team at F-Secure. SAFE PC is the team who builds our flagship product for home users and for the Windows OS.


What are the most important trends that you believe we will see impact cyber security in the next 3-5 years?

Two important trends that will impact cyber security are:

  • The increasing number of IoT devices with varying levels of security. It will be interesting to see if the voices being screamed from the mountaintops and all our warnings on security will be heeded by the providers. And if not, how would the attacks against these smart homes, smart hospitals, and smart cities look like?
  • The more and more closed ecosystems of major operating systems. Will the security provided by the OS be truly enough for the users? How will the attacks evolve? How will cybersecurity evolve?


If you’d have to recommend people to follow one cyber security influencer, who would she/he be?

That would be Mikko Hyppönen. Cyber security has evolved and has been called many names since he began in this industry, but he has kept up the fight. He has his heart in the right place.


christine bejerasco, f-secure

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