Christmas Calendar, Day 2: Researching Old and New Threats

Join the Business Security Insider countdown to Christmas with some of the masterminds at F-Secure. In our advent calendar, we will hear their reflections on the past year, as well predictions for the future. For December 2, let us introduce you to Karmina!

Author: Joel
Date: 02.12.2017
Read Time: 1 Minutes


Who are you and what do you do at F-Secure?

I’m Karmina, and I work in the Labs where we defend our customers by identifying new, existing and imminent cyber threats. In order for us to continually evolve our solutions and protect our customers, we need to research and understand the newest trends in the industry, both good and bad.


What was the most memorable cyber security event / incident in 2017, and what should companies learn from it?

That would be WannaCry. It’s memorable for me because it had been a while since we had a malware outbreak. The vulnerability exploited by WannaCry had been patched for two months. With this outbreak, it was evident that many users had not applied the patch. Hopefully, this will serve as an example on why staying up-to-date on your patches is so important.


If you’d have to recommend people to follow one cyber security influencer, who would she/he be?

Definitely Mikko Hyppönen. He has even been named as one of the top influencers in cyber security by several other security news sources, and I believe he fully deserves it.

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