10 smart money facts about business security

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Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 30.04.2015
Read Time: 1 Minutes

Every business has assets that can be of interest to cyber criminals. 75% of attack victims are targets of opportunity rather than specifically chosen targets.

In addition, the amount of malware is growing exponentially – it is estimated that every third computer is already infected. An average employee faces up to two malware infections
every year. Cyber crime and related costs are soaring. Therefore, every company needs to be aware of the risks and be prepared to protect their business.

The Internet of Things with connected devices adds further confusion into the mix, as over 70% of connected devices have serious vulnerabilities.

The inflexible anti-virus of the past is dead. What remains is that the protection of your digital security correlates directly with your core protection against malicious attacks. Free antivirus just does not cut it. A mere three-percent difference in detection rate means 10.000 possibilities for infections each month.

Download full 10 smart money facts about business security ebook

10 facts about selecting business security
What to consider when selecting business security?

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