10 reasons why organizations keep on failing in security management

Webinar recording and presentation materials

Author: Eija Paajanen
Date: 17.05.2016
Read Time: 2 Minutes

Organizations spend a lot of money and time on security management. And that cost is just increasing. On that note, it is a bit depressing to see that a lot of times, organizations still keep on failing in security management.

So why is that?

In this webinar, our practice leader for management consulting, Jani Kallio shares some insights and true stories based on his long experience of helping organizations improve cyber management.

Breaches are inevitable – therefore cyber security needs to start with a holistic, full view of security and the elements and the threat landscape. We call this a 360 degree approach to cyber security that includes prediction, prevention, detection, and response to incidents.

In this first webinar in a series of cyber security webinars, Jani focuses on the management and leadership of security. In a typical case, organizations only think of security when something happens. And that’s when they are already late.

Efficient cyber security management is really about change management. You should think about security not as a technology issue, but as a question of managing the supply chain. Outsourcing brings in totally new challenges as you are not in control of all the assets. Learn more of a real cyber incident in our previous webinar: Post-mortem of a data breach.

Because breaches will happen, cyber security is a question of threat management on all levels – the strategic, tactical, and operational. To handle it efficiently, you will need the attention and commitment of the C-level. And to do that, you need to think about more than threats. You need to think of the risk and what is important and relevant for you as a company.

So what are the 10 top reasons to fail in security management?

See the webinar recording to find out

Download the presentation material:

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